Outdoor and Point of Sale

Outdoor advertising gets your business noticed. We design, print, and deliver teardrop banners, shop-front flags and in-store point of sale items to your exact specifications. Make your event marketing, permanent advertising, or point-of-sale stand out with effective brand visuals.

Outdoor and Point Of Sale Advertising

Effective outdoor advertising is essential for brand engagement, as well as helping customers to locate your store. Point-of-sale merchandising is ideal for facilitating those last-minute purchases, calling attention to counter items. At Arid Zone, we can provide you with both, customising a solution that fulfils all your brand’s needs.

Our expert branding team will work in close consultation with you to fully understand the way you’d like to express your brand. We’ll produce an arresting, eye-catching design that’s tailored to your specifications, ensuring an appropriate fit for the size and shape of your signs and materials.

These specifications are then sent to the manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of your hands – our process is designed to keep you fully informed about the progress of manufacture at every point.

With almost thirty years’ experience in handling company’s brands, we have a wealth of branding knowledge that’s truly comprehensive. We know how to create truly effective campaigns that have a long-lasting impact. Make your brand work for you with Arid Zone.